Poetry from Tricia: Episode 1

Hello and welcome to our page, my name is Tricia and I’d like to get this ball rolling. Unfortunately I don’t have much that I’m willing to share at the moment (sorry about that, I’m working on a special project for this page and it’s not where I need it to be yet) but I felt like we needed some kind of content to start us off. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share some poetry that I wrote recently. It’s nothing much and it comes from a dark place (as does most of my creative content) but I’ve decided to throw it out there. Here goes nothing.

Uncomfortably Numb

 Uncomfortably numb

She sits, dark things on her mind.

The weight of the world settled firmly on her shoulders

But she is willfully ignorant of it.

Life has passed her by she feels

And nothing to show for it.

Blanketed in nothing

The feelings cannot break through.

She would vow to change

If she cared to.

Alas, she does not

Change is hard and she is tired.

A defeated sigh passes disinterested lips

Thus ends a dissatisfying tale.

Untitled 1

 Quiet yourself my wandering mind

Fear has only the power it’s given.

Pain strengthens and steadies a wounded heart

Love the glue that binds its jagged shards.

Memory serves and memory betrays

What’s left behind does not support life.

Press forever forward, the unknown looming in the distance

A great mountain is the future, daring brave hears to scale it.

Accept the now, the later will come in time

Live, love, breathe while you can.

No one escapes destiny…

And we are all destined to die.

Untitled 2

 Deep in a well of darkness

Hopelessness writhes looking for an escape.

Slithery, snaky, black as night

It consumes all it touches…

Brings down the mighty, slays the weak

Thanks for reading! Any input would be appreciated. Check back often for new posts!


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I'm just a weirdo who likes to type out words when the mood strikes.
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