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Semester begins once again in just six days. Joy.

That being said, my break was not spent in blissful relaxation as I had originally intended it to be. I’ve been busy working on the three current stories that I have going: chapter 4 for Unexpected Results, chapter 1 for Chasing Stars, and chapter 1 for Of Steam and Sky. CS is the closest one to being finished, which is good because I’ve hit mental roadblocks on the other two and simply don’t want to deconstruct what I’ve already written to this point.

Also on my table has been art which, sadly, I’ve only finished one new picture to date. I have a few others in the work, but they’re very bare bones right now.

The other thing that has been eating up my time has been D&D. For a while, I was playing in three different games…

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End of Semester update and plans

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Semester came to a close on the 20th, and I’ve spent the last few days winding down and relaxing with some games and friends. That being said, production from me will start up again on the 26th as it’s back to work on stories. I’ve got only 3 weeks until summer semester begins, and my goal is to have at least one of the current batch finished before then. Odds are it will be the next chapter in Unexpected Results, so for those looking for more from Gabe and Yuni, you’re in for a treat.

I’ll post again in the upcoming days, but here’s some info on word counts for the time being:

*Unexpected Results (Chapter 4) – 3265

*Chasing Stars (Chapter 1) – 5341

*Of Steam and Sky (Chapter 1) – 2863

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Semester Wrap-Up

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It’s that time of year again, where another semester of college begins to wind down to the deadline, so here’s a bit of an update and apology.

Creativity has been few and far between for me the last couple of months, totaling only around 1,000 words of productivity on stories, and zero productivity on art, so my apologies for that. All that being said, however, I have a scant 7 days of school remaining in this semester, meaning that it’s time for me to crack down and get to studying, but you can all expect some work in the not-to-distant future.

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Poem about Depression/Anxiety

I wrote this a few days ago and talked myself into posing it on my personal blog. I wasn’t going to post it on here but I’ve changed my mind. It’s very personal, more personal that I thought I’d be willing to share but what’s the point in writing if you aren’t willing to bleed a little?

Triscut Blogs

time to go to the doctorI wrote the above poem at work last night. I’ve been having a lot of issues with anxiety and depression lately (lived with it for years) and I’ve mostly been keeping it to myself. I’m okay… but I have moments where everything just really sucks. I felt the need to share in the hopes that not only would it make me feel better but it might let someone else know that they aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

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“Of Steam and Sky”


One of the projects I’ve been working on recently is a steampunk adventure in a new world of my creation. I’ve wanted to break away from Sun Harbor, which is the town that both Unexpected Results and Chasing Stars take place in, an also to take a step away from more modern times. This has proved a challenge, but I’ve enjoyed it immensely. While the first chapter is still in the process of being written, I wanted to share the prologue with you all.

The deck buckled beneath my feet, worn boards creaking and flexing against each other as the force of the explosion rocked the Crusader. My cap slipped down over my eyes as I fought to maintain my balance on the pitching deck. Another shudder ran through the wood and successfully sent me dropping onto my ass, wincing in pain and grunting before scrambling back to my…

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Jumping Right In!

Author Amanda McCormick

Hey guys, I haven’t been around for a bit to post! So, I wanted to go ahead and share something with you. Fresh off the press, completely unedited. I haven’t even taken the time to read over it – here is an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo Camp Novella, Trinity!

Finding Killian Grey had taken the majority of ingenuity that I possessed… internet searches, as well as calling in a few favors from friends was how I’d found myself in the seedier part of the city. These apartments were the ones that you always drove by with your doors locked, your windows rolled up tight. I couldn’t believe that I was standing here now, but the bloodstain on the carpet in my living room and the thought of Alec, my sweet, kindhearted Alec in trouble was enough to propel me forward. My purse was clenched tight in my arms, and…

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Magic to Spare: Chapter 1

Note from the author: Before you read this chapter please read the prologue I posted last week, it’s not hugely important right now but it will be important further on in the story.

Chapter 1

“For fuck sake, get the goddamned flashlight out of my eyes!” I yelled, swatting at the confused doctor and blinking furiously.

“Oh thank GOD!” said a voice on my right, “You had us worried, Harley, don’t do that again.”

Small arms surrounded me and my best friend continued her motherly tirade, “One moment you were telling me why musicals are better than real life then the next you got really quiet. Then you just walked out the door. No goodbye, kiss my ass, nothing. So I followed you and tried to talk to you but you wouldn’t respond… you wouldn’t even look at me. THEN you walked right out in front of a car! You scared me to death! DO. NOT. DO. THAT. EVER. AGAIN!”

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